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Cash Investment Management  

Cash Investment Management

No two educational institutions have exactly the same liquidity needs. No two healthcare institutions have exactly the same demands for yield. So when it comes to managing operating funds, why should one size fit all? We don’t think it should

Managing operating reserves, working capital balances and liquidity are critical to your institution. Commonfund cash management programs offer treasury management

  • Access
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification
  • Flexibility
  • Stability of principal
  • Simplicity
We offer a range of solutions to meet investors' needs. Treasury Access, a flexible cash investment platform that lets you diversify among your providers of liquidity and select how your operating funds are managed. Treasury Access offers investors a broad range of investment options and the ability to select among multiple cash investment options, consistent with your needs for safety, liquidity and yield. As for convenience, Treasury Access offers all of the benefits of an online bank concentration account plus same day liquidity with no transaction fees. Read more about Treasury Access. 

For higher education institutions with significant cash portfolios we offer Commonfund Treasury+ program. The Treasury+ program is flexible and completely customized to the risk and return needs of each investor using the full range of options. The program allows cash investors to earn a competitive return on their balances while maintaining the necessary risk controls and liquidity to reliably fund operations. Read more about Treasury +


It is an appropriate time to formulate or amend current liquidity/operating asset policies and reevaluate needed liquidity levels of cash. Commonfund has developed a sample Operating Asset Investment Policy based on best practices in cash investment management that can be downloaded below.


Cash Investing Insights
Article and Description
Managing Operating Assets | Part I - Clarity in Liquidity

Managing Operating Assets | Part I - Clarity in Liquidity

Is it time to reevaluate liquidity levels? Since the 2008 financial crisis, cash investors have been waiting for a "new normal" environment. Read the first installment of cash investing insights.

Managing Operating Assets | Part II - Market Environment

Managing Operating Assets | Part II - Market Environment 

In part two of our managing operating assets series, we take a look at events that could potentially impact the short-term investment markets over the next 12 to 18 months.