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Commonfund Economic Worldview  

Commonfund Economic Worldview - How We See It

Timely examinations of a wide range of issues and topics which affect the domestic and international markets and economy. Commentaries published in the past may no longer reflect current market or economic conditions, or the current views of the author or authors. See Important Legal Information - Market Commentary.

11/20/2015The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
11/13/2015A Week of Retail, Beer and Bad Politics
11/9/2015Japanese Equities: Trading Rally or Lasting Change?
11/6/2015More Stress for the Holidays
11/4/2015Much Ado About Nothing?
10/7/2015After the Waterfall: Contagion or Rebound?
9/15/2015A Game-Time Decision
8/24/2015An August Correction
8/12/2015China Currency Devaluation and What it Means
8/6/2015Is the China Growth Story Still Real?
7/10/2015Summer Fireworks
6/19/2015The Latest Chapter in the Greek Tragedy
5/20/2015It Ain't Over 'til it's Over
3/12/2015The Fed's Labor Limbo
11/5/2014The Battle Continues
8/8/2014Tug of War
5/19/2014The Tailwind Beneath Our Wings: Eight reasons why the current U.S. growth cycle still has room to fly
1/13/2014Labor Market Myths Debunked
1/3/20142014 Commonfund Outlook
11/15/2013Searching for Goldilocks
10/8/2013The Fiscal Follies
8/13/2013The Fed Stars are Aligning for a Tapering
7/1/2013Deal with the June Swoon
6/1/2013Will QE Sail Into the Sunset? (Insight Article)
5/1/2013Dealing with Data Jitters
3/19/2013The Markets and Our Point of View: Where do we go from here?
2/12/2013Behind the Economic Data: Be Careful of Headlines
2/2/2013Passive Indexing is No Panacea
12/11/2012Deal or No Deal?
11/9/2012Better Numbers From China
11/5/2012Addressing the Big EEEEs -- Economy, Employment, Earnings and the Election
9/21/2012The Fiscal Cliff: Get Ready for Overtime
8/29/2012Moving the First Down Chains in the Housing Sector…
7/25/2012Latest home sales data? Not as bad as it looks!
7/17/2012The Dog Days of Summer
5/11/2012Déjà vu All Over Again (or Not?)
4/13/2012Behind the Jobs Numbers | No Need to Panic
2/13/2012Looking Beyond "In-line" Results
2/10/2012Point of View | Cash Investing
11/21/2011A Risk Management Assessment
11/4/2011A Soft Landing in China
10/28/2011U.S. Recession Fears Overblown
9/15/2011High Noon for Greece
8/5/2011Europe Hits a Brick Wall