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Brochure_HFS_Hedge Funds An Instructional Look.pdfHedge Funds: An Instructional Look
Commonfund has published this brochure as a useful grounding on hedge fund fundamentals and the role they play in long-term portfolios. We hope that this brochure will continue to serve as a guide for future reference.
Principles of Investment Management.pdfPrinciples of Investment Management NEW EDITION
Learn more about the key issues for long-term fund management.
Brochure_CCI_Succeed in Private Capital Investing.pdfSucceed in Private Capital Investing
Know and understand the key steps in the process of participating private capital investing and organizing and maintaining a well-structured private capital program.
Brochure_GMAP_Take a Closer Look.pdfTake a Closer Look: Commonfund Global Multi-Asset Portfolio
A dynamic, core investment solution providing nonprofit institutions with a diversified, professionally managed portfolio across global equities, fixed income, real assets and alternative strategies--all in a single portfolio
Brochure_SSG_Outsourcing.PDFTake A Closer Look: Commonfund Strategic Solutions
Commonfund Strategic Solutions is a comprehensive investment management program for institutions that seek the benefit of professional management...
Brochure_OCIO_Take A Closer Look.pdfTake A Closer Look: Holistic OCIO
A "holistic OCIO" relationship takes a total institutional approach, addressing wide-ranging factors that extend well beyond investment management.
Brochure_MAP_Take A Closer Look.pdfTake A Closer Look: Multi-Asset Program
A spectrum of investment solutions enabling nonprofit institutions to implement a diversified portfolio aligned with your investment objectives and individual preferences.
Take A Look - AboutUs.pdfTake A Look: About Us
At Commonfund, how we pursue our goals is the key difference that sets us apart. Our clients benefit from three mutually supportive components grounded in a strong financial foundation - performance, service and insight.
Brochure_HFS_Take a Closer Look DHSC.pdfTake A Look: Commonfund Diversifying Hedge Strategies Company
An alternative investment strategy whose historically strong absolute returns and low correlation with traditional asset classes offer the potential to lower overall portfolio risk while enhancing performance regardless of market direction