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Amy Harlacker

Risk Management and Operations:
5 Takeaways from Commonfund Forum 2019

Posted by Amy Harlacker, Dana Moreau, Brian Rondeau on May 17, 2019

Topic: Risk Management

The majority of investors’ attention is often focused on the performance of the funds or managers in their portfolio. And rightfully so. The numbers that appear on statements month after month will determine to a large extent whether an institution can continue to pursue its mission over an extended period of time. But those monthly performance statements are not the only arbiters of success or failure in the investing sphere. The areas of risk, legal and compliance, operations and...

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Five Questions to Ask Your Advisor:
Costs of Portfolio Management

Posted by Amy Harlacker, Keith Luke on Jul 24, 2018

Topic: Investment Strategy | Outsourced Investing

Costs matter. With expectations for lower market returns over the coming years, every basis point of net performance is particularly important. Furthermore, the compounding effect of high fees can significantly impact spending for mission over time, so understanding the true cost of portfolio management is vital, but also a challenge.

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