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Bruce Zimmerman

Top Ten Risks for Practicing CIOs

Posted by Bruce Zimmerman on Jun 8, 2016

Topic: Governance and Policy | Risk Management

A Chief Investment Officer’s primary responsibility is to identify and clearly communicate his/her portfolio’s risks to his/her Board, Investment Committee and/or client(s). About eighteen months ago, the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) developed a ten item framework to help with this responsibility. Read more from CEO and CIO of UTIMCO, Bruce Zimmerman.

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Rethinking Risk and Diversification

Posted by Mark J.P. Anson, Catherine Keating, Bruce Zimmerman on Mar 23, 2016

Topic: Asset Allocation | Investment Strategy

Asset allocation is still the foundation on which better risk-adjusted returns are built. But asset allocation has changed, along with all the associated tools for pursuing return and managing risk. Have you kept up?

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