George Suttles

Donor Advised Funds: Changing the Philanthropic Landscape for Higher Education

Posted by George Suttles on Apr 24, 2019

Topic: Industry Knowledge

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are the fastest growing giving vehicle in philanthropy. A DAF is like an investment account dedicated to the purpose of supporting charitable organizations. Cash, securities, and/or other assets can be contributed to a public charity, otherwise known as the sponsoring organization. This allows the donor to be eligible for an immediate tax deduction. Those funds can then be invested for tax-free growth while the donor retains the right to ...

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Applying the Endowment Model to Diversity and Inclusion

Posted by George Suttles on Nov 29, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

Commonfund recently launched a Diversity Office, a formal, cross departmental effort focused on diversity and inclusion. The mission of the Commonfund Diversity Office is to intentionally promote and foster institutional racial and gender equity through our investment processes, thought leadership, and professional and organizational development. As a new Managing Director at the Commonfund Institute, and a member of the Diversity Office, I have been thinking about how our firm can effectively develop and implement strategies focused on fostering diversity and inclusion...

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