Ivo C. Nenin

Chart of the Month | Yield Curve Inversion – Signal or False Positive?

Posted by Ivo C. Nenin on Sep 5, 2019

Topic: Market Commentary

Lately, there has been quite a bit of hand-wringing by the financial media about the yield curve inversion. It seems that many prognosticators believe...

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Chart of the Month | Defensive Stocks at a Premium

Posted by Ivo C. Nenin on Jul 2, 2019

Topic: Market Commentary

The valuation premium (forward price/earnings) of defensive stocks versus cyclicals has climbed steadily over the last seven months...

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Chart of the Month | Conflicting Signals in Stock and Bond Markets

Posted by Ivo C. Nenin on Jun 7, 2019

Topic: Market Commentary

This month we turn our attention to the Stock and Bond Markets. Bond markets’ expectations of U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) rate cuts...

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Inflation Expectations are Rising. How Can Investors Protect Portfolios?

Posted by Ivo C. Nenin, Kristofer Kwait on May 14, 2018

Topic: Investment Strategy | Real Assets | Spending Policy

In March, capital markets entered their tenth year of post-crisis recovery. For diversified portfolios, these have been some of the most profitable times, characterized by strong returns, positive correlations between equities and bonds and robust illiquidity premiums from private programs . . .

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