Peter Burns

5 Private Capital Concerns

Posted by Ralph P. Money, Peter Burns on Mar 9, 2018

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Private Capital

At the end of the year we sent out a short survey to learn more about investors’ headline concerns about the private capital markets today. Investors also shared their expectations about returns and where they see their allocations to various private strategies trending.

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Private Capital Secondaries and Solving for CPI +5%

Posted by Scott Beckelman, Peter Burns, Cari Lodge on Apr 11, 2016

Topic: Private Capital

In an environment of muted equity and fixed income market returns how can institutional investors achieve their long-term target returns? Commonfund believes that maximizing the illiquidity return premium of private capital investments is one approach that can deliver compelling results.

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Private Equity: Perception and Reality

Posted by Peter Burns, Mark Hoeing, Kent Scott on Apr 12, 2014

Topic: Equities | Private Capital

For a variety of reasons, some investors believe that private equity may have lost its edge as a key allocation for their portfolios. This perception may overlook reality. A closer examination reveals that the fundamentals are intact and there are attractive opportunities for skilled private equity managers. As always, investors should be discerning in their choice of managers, and continue to place access ahead of allocation. Here, a look at some widely held perceptions and the reality that may be overlooked or misunderstood.

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