Responsible Investing

Emerging and Diverse Manager Programs: Worth Doing Well

Posted by Michael Rowland on Aug 5, 2019

Topic: Asset Allocation | Investment Strategy | Responsible Investing

In order to adequately and fairly evaluate the success of emerging and diverse manager programs, the term ‘emerging manager’ needs to be clearly differentiated from ‘diverse manager’. While there is no formal definition, ‘emerging manager’ refers to a firm with a cap on assets under management. This cap varies widely depending on the investing organization, but usually sits around the $1 billion mark. By contrast, ‘diverse manager’...

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Identifying an “E” Factor

Posted by Commonfund on Dec 11, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

Over the past year the Commonfund investment teams have undertaken research to identify and isolate a new factor associated with the environmental sustainability of a stock (or a portfolio of stocks). Identifying and valuing the impact of ESG factors on performance and risk is particularly difficult. There are two important reasons to pursue this objective...

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Applying the Endowment Model to Diversity and Inclusion

Posted by George Suttles on Nov 29, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

Commonfund recently launched a Diversity Office, a formal, cross departmental effort focused on diversity and inclusion. The mission of the Commonfund Diversity Office is to intentionally promote and foster institutional racial and gender equity through our investment processes, thought leadership, and professional and organizational development. As a new Managing Director at the Commonfund Institute, and a member of the Diversity Office, I have been thinking about how our firm can effectively develop and implement strategies focused on fostering diversity and inclusion...

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MASTERCLASS: Responsible Investing

Posted by AssetTV on Nov 5, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

With investor’s growing interest in the recent years, impact investing has showed healthier returns and better risk management, all while addressing important social and environmental issues. Deborah Spalding, Ben Yeoh, and Randell Cain join together in San Francisco to discuss a few concerns such as promoting a low carbon economy, human rights and gender pay parity and best practices related to investing in companies.

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Viewpoint: Responsible Investing – Read All About It

Posted by Commonfund Institute on Aug 10, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

The new and newsworthy in this year’s Council on Foundations–Commonfund Study of Investment of Endowments for Private and Community Foundations® (CCSF) is headlined by responsible investing. No other area of inquiry showed as much year-over-year change or as much change over the past few Studies; to be clear, the changes would not be considered dramatic, but they are consistent and the trend line is easily discernible.

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Inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report and 2018 Mid-Year Letter

Posted by Mark J.P. Anson, Commonfund on Jul 12, 2018

Topic: Governance and Policy | Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Responsible Investing

We are pleased to share with you our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report. Since our founding in 1971, Commonfund has pursued a singular mission – to enhance the financial resources of our clients by delivering exceptional performance, service and insight. Beyond our focus on investment excellence . . .

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What are the Differences Between SRI and ESG?

Posted by Commonfund Institute on Jun 19, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

There are many terms referring in some way to practices related to responsible investing: socially responsible investing; mission-related investing; impact investing; integrated reporting; and investing according to environmental, social and governance principles. These terms are often grouped under the same category of responsible investing, but this generalization is misleading..

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Diversity and Emerging Managers

Posted by Commonfund Institute on May 21, 2018

Topic: Investment Strategy | Responsible Investing

The benefits of diversity are widely recognized in the work place and among educational institutions and other nonprofits. Yet, the concept of investment management firms that are minority owned and operated lags, partly because of the challenge of attracting investors’ capital . . .

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ESG Investing Becomes Mainstream

Posted by Commonfund Institute on May 4, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

Can a sustainability strategy be tied to better financial outcomes? The subject of ESG, or investing in accord with environmental, social and governance principles, arose in several sessions at Commonfund Forum 2018. One session, in particular, was devoted to the ongoing evolution of responsible investing, with a focus on ESG.

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Investing in Diversity

Posted by Caroline Greer on Apr 3, 2018

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Responsible Investing

At Commonfund, we scour the globe to find investment managers that we believe have the ability to consistently produce excess returns (alpha) over and beyond their benchmark. But alpha alone is not enough. We also dig deeply into the sources of those returns to understand the underlying factors driving the strategy. Through our construction process we look to combine uncorrelated sources of return, thereby reducing overall portfolio risk. This search for uncorrelated alpha sources requires finding managers that are different from the crowd.

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