Total Portfolio Management

We are among the leading providers of investment solutions for nonprofit organizations, offering a range of different approaches based on client needs and resources.

Commonfund Strategic Solutions

Commonfund Strategic Solutions provides a "holistic OCIO" relationship  - we take a total institutional approach, addressing wide-ranging factors that extend well beyond investment management. When you work with Commonfund, we begin by understanding your institution as a whole, not just your investment portfolio. Our collaborative approach functions as part of your organization's own internal offices. We can be your fiduciary partner as well as a resource for all your critical needs, such as:

Working collaboratively with you on all aspects of portfolio management, including investment policy review, asset allocation, portfolio construction, monitoring, rebalancing, risk management and reporting.

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Commonfund Multi-Asset Program

Commonfund Multi-Asset Program™ is the portfolio solution created and managed specifically to pursue the long-term investment goals of mission-based institutions.  It's designed with flexibility first and foremost.

We implement your portfolio in the way that reflects how you want to work with your investment manager.  You can create a diversified portfolio using our multi-manager equity, fixed income and alternatives strategies or take advantage of the convenience of our turnkey multi-asset portfolio.

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