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Commonfund Strategic Solutions

Our approach to the outsourced chief investment office model begins with an obsessive focus on investments and performance.  From there, we take a total institutional approach, addressing wide-ranging factors that extend well beyond investment management. When you work with Commonfund, we begin by understanding your institution as a whole, not just your investment portfolio.


  • Serves 64 advisory clients
  • Over $9 billion in assets under management
  • Over 70% of clients have invested with Commonfund for more than 5 years
  • Senior team members average 23 years of industry experience and 13 years with Commonfund
  • Institutional Asset Management Awards 2018 | Highly Commended OCIO Provider**

We function as an extension of your organization's own internal offices. We can be a fiduciary partner as well as a resource for all your critical needs, such as:


Working collaboratively with you on all aspects of portfolio management, including investment policy review


Asset allocation, portfolio construction, monitoring, rebalancing, risk management and reporting


Taking accountability for investment performance¹


Proactively communicating with you on important issues impacting your investments


Assisting in any required education to your board and/or investment committee


Providing a dedicated account management team to assist in audit, tax and other items

We have been working with nonprofit investors to provide total portfolio solutions for over 40 years and as a discretionary OCIO for 15 years. Over the years we have learned that building a partnership is critical to the success of your organization, and distinctly different than a traditional consulting relationship. Once you decide to pursue the OCIO model it is important to research providers thoroughly and ask the right questions during the evaluation process. Based on our experience and best practices, this article on how to write your RFP (Request For Proposal) may prove helpful.

Investment Team

*As of September 30, 2019

**2018 Institutional Asset Management Awards sponsored by Fundmap, a Pageant Media company. The Commonfund rankings and awards cited may not be representative of any one investor’s or client’s experience and are not indicative of future performance.  See IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES | SURVEY RANKINGS AND AWARDS.

1 Performance cannot be guaranteed. Past results may not be indicative of future performance.



Institutional Asset Management - Highly Commended Commonfund

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