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Commonfund Multi-Asset Portfolios

Commonfund surrounds your institution – staff and trustees alike – with an experienced team providing comprehensive service and support.

FLEXIBLE:  Choose the Investment Option that Best Fits Your Institution

Multi-Strategy Solutions*

Construct a custom allocation using our single- or multi-strategy equity and bond portfolios, plus liquid and illiquid real assets and private programs to enhance diversification and return potential.


  • Structure: Multi-strategy or single strategy commingled portfolios

  • Attributes: Complete portfolio customized to your preferences, diversified by asset class and strategy and offering attractive economies of scale, with access to carefully selected institutional managers

Single Portfolio Solution*

A turnkey solution that includes global equity and fixed income together with hedged strategies and diversifying real assets in a cost-effective, professionally managed portfolio.  The solution offers access to carefully selected institutional managers in multiple asset classes and strategies.


  • Structure: Commingled portfolios

  • Attributes: A comprehensive investment solution comprising a diversified range of asset classes and strategies appropriate to long-term institutional investors; complete with a full range of services, including manager selection, portfolio monitoring, and tactical re-balancing all within the commingled portfolio.

COMPREHENSIVE:  Commonfund Surrounds Your Institution with Total Support



The Solution That Allows Institutions to Get the Most from Their Internal Resources

 Maximizing Your Time

A significant benefit for investors in Commonfund Multi-Asset Portfolios is the timeliness with which Commonfund can implement on behalf of investors with a long-term horizon.  Investment committees today are made up of smart, committed members; but they generally meet only a few times each year, making it difficult to stay abreast of financial markets and implement decisions on a timely basis.  Committee members of institutions invested in our Portfolio Solution model are freed to focus on policy and larger issues that are key to the institutional mission over the long term. Institutions who want tighter control and more involvement can build and manage their portfolio using our Multi-Strategy model.

Access, Options, Solutions

The Multi-Asset Portfolios are also able to offer hard-to-access or constrained managers, particularly for institutions of moderate size for whom access can be a challenge.  In addition, in some instances, the portfolios open asset classes or strategies that institutions may be unable to access on their own.

Enhanced Liquidity

Normally, investors in hedge fund strategies are subject to the liquidity constraints of the funds in which they invest – lock-ups that are usually quarterly, semi-annual or annual.  Investors in the Commonfund Multi-Asset Portfolios are able to invest in similar strategies, but with the benefit of month-end liquidity¹.

Leadership, Service, Support

Commonfund provides investors the efficiency and productivity of a well-staffed, resource-deep investment office.

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*Investment programs are available only to eligible institutional investors.

1 Subject to the notice and redemption terms of the funds offering documents.  Investors should review the fund's offering documents for information on fund liquidity prior to investing.

Performance cannot be guaranteed. Past results may not be indicative of future performance. Returns on investment funds will fluctuate, and investors could lose money on their investment in any Commonfund funds, just as they would with any other investments.

Information provided is for general information purposes only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities, options, futures or other derivatives related to securities in any jurisdiction.  This is not an offer or solicitation to participate in any particular trading strategy.  Securities are offered through Commonfund Securities, Inc., a subsidiary of Commonfund, and members of FINRA.  The Commonfund Multi-Asset Program is a trademark of Commonfund.