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As a part of our corporate mission, we aim to educate our clients and investors in the various components of institutional investing. Through industry leading benchmark studies, events and conferences, whitepapers, and other publications we provide research and education to our investors, our clients and the communities our clients serve.




Private Capital | White Papers

Succeed in Private Capital Investing - A Commonfund Guide

This Commonfund brochure, Succeed in Private Capital Investing, provides the key steps to building and maintaining a well-structured private capital portfolio.
Governance And Policy | White Papers

Is Your Institution Ready?

At Commonfund, we are having important discussions with clients on their preparedness for the next financial crisis. For example, we are working with clients to develop a road map, or “crisis...
Governance And Policy | White Papers

Legislating the Normative Environment

Regulation of nonprofit investment and governance practices has migrated from traditional common-law principles to codified statutory law, affecting areas of nonprofit governance not addressed in the...
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Endowment Spending - A look Back

Market volatility has severely tested many nonprofit institutions, causing them to revisit their endowment spending practices.
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Chasing Winners

For investors selecting managers to hire, the draw of managers that have produced outsized recent winners can be powerful. While such a strategy can work in the long-term, this strategy is implicitly...
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Essential Not Optional: A Strategic Approach to Fundraising for Endowments

Fundraising for endowments has become an essential strategic capability that endowed institutions will have to build or acquire in order to thrive.
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Assessing your Board's Risk Tolerance

To provide a deeper understanding of what board and investment committee members can do to improve their ability to assess risk tolerance, Commonfund has prepared a white paper discussing lessons...
Governance And Policy | White Papers

Building and Maintaining an Excellent Board

How well a board functions determines the fortunes of the organization it governs. Mediocre performance may enable an organization to survive, while weak or dysfunctional boards may jeopardize their...
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Sample Operating Asset Policy and Guidelines

Commonfund has developed a sample Operating Asset Investment Policy based on best practices in cash investment management. Download your copy today.
Investment Strategy | White Papers

The Curious Case of Risk Exposures

In this Commonfund whitepaper, we take a deeper look at portfolio risk exposures in diversified, multi-asset class portfolios, using the typical endowment portfolio as the paradigm.
Governance And Policy | White Papers

Assessing the State of Healthcare

Nonprofit healthcare organizations are confronting a series of challenges as they strive to maintain positive operating margins in the face of declining reimbursement from insurance companies and...
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Fiduciary Duty & Environmental Responsibility: Crafting A Low Carbon Response

Recent decades and climate change have introduced a new level of complexity to the fiduciary responsibilities of boards of trustees and investment committees, inviting them to examine responsible...
Outsourced Cio | White Papers

Commonfund's Guide to Outsourcing

With limited time during the year, maximizing effectiveness is key for your committee. Many nonprofit investors are pursuing outsourcing their CIO to a fiduciary partner who can dedicate the...
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Cost of Investment Management - Commonfund Whitepaper

Few aspects of financial management are more important for fiduciaries than an understanding of the cost if investment management of the perpetual funds for which they have responsibility. Our aim is...
Responsible Investing | White Papers

From SRI to ESG: The Changing World of Responsible Investing

Investment professionals debate whether a portfolio’s long-term performance can be enhanced by including environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in the security selection process.
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Striking the Balance: A Fiduciary Approach to Risk and Investment Policy

Striking the Balance: A Fiduciary Approach to Risk and Investment Policy is a Commonfund whitepaper for institutional investors.
Investment Strategy | White Papers

The Investment Policy Statement - A Commonfund Whitepaper

Successful investing for long-term funds requires a strategic plan. The plan must be specific, yet it also needs to be sufficiently flexible.
Investment Strategy | White Papers

Sample Investment Policy Rider for Responsible Investing

A number of clients and prospects have asked how their Investment Policy Statement (IPS) can be amended to accommodate responsible investing strategies.
Outsourced Cio | White Papers

Outsourced Investment Management: An Overview for Decision Makers

An institution’s decision to work with an OCIO provider will likely depend on several factors. Learn more on on Outsourced Investment Management by...