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2020 Investor Survey: Private Markets Sentiment

Posted by Ralph P. Money on Jan 13, 2020

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Market Commentary | Private Capital

For the third year in a row, Commonfund Capital conducted a year-end annual survey of institutional investors to gauge their sentiment about...

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Chart of the Month | Election Year Market Trends

Posted by Ivo C. Nenin on Jan 8, 2020

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Market Commentary

As we enter the 12th year of economic expansion since the Great Financial Crisis, investors continue to wonder whether 2020 will be the year when...

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Impact Investing – A Market Matures

Posted by Daniel H. Connell, Ethan Levine on Jan 6, 2020

Topic: Investment Strategy | Market Commentary | Responsible Investing

Investment strategy influenced by altruistic intentions -- broadly, impact investing -- has long held sway in a small number of portfolios...

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Integrating ESG into Private Equity Portfolios – What Questions to Ask

Posted by Commonfund on Dec 27, 2019

Topic: Private Capital | Responsible Investing

Many investors, particularly nonprofits, are seeking to align their investment portfolio with the mission of their organization. Following are examples of the questions that we ask managers as part of the process. Your organization may want to consider using these or other questions to integrate ESG into your private equity portfolio.

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Chart of the Month | Jobs Across the Country

Posted by Ryan Driscoll on Dec 12, 2019

Topic: Market Commentary

The November non-farm payrolls report far exceeded investor expectation and bolstered the perception that the domestic economy continues to grow...

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Purpose: What is an Endowment?

Posted by Commonfund Institute on Nov 27, 2019

Topic: Governance and Policy | Industry Knowledge

What is an endowment? A critically important asset for many nonprofit organizations is their endowment, sometimes referred to by a different name such as long-term investment fund. So important is this pool of financial assets that for many institutions it is the difference between fulfilling their missions and being forced to lower their aspirations or even ceasing to operate.

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Chart of the Month | Fed Funds Rate Reduction Drives Markets to New Highs

Posted by Ivo C. Nenin on Nov 12, 2019

Topic: Market Commentary

U.S. equities reached an all-time high at the end of October as downside fears abated and risk-on sentiment improved. Among the positives...

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The Economy and Markets March On

Posted by Ryan Driscoll on Nov 11, 2019

Topic: Market Commentary

The overhang of a U.S.-China trade war has weighed on the risk markets all year. Despite this, equity market returns have been strong in 2019 and the recent news of a “Phase 1” trade deal being negotiated has propelled the S&P 500 to its best returns since 2013. The movement towards a trade deal may also be a sign that the world’s second largest economy, China, may be struggling to maintain...

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Commonfund Forum Goes Global

Posted by Commonfund on Oct 28, 2019

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Market Commentary | Private Capital

During the week of October 14th, 2019 Commonfund Institute hosted our first Forum outside of the United States in Tokyo, Japan.

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Tactical Allocation: Winning Strategy or a Fool’s Game?

Posted by Deborah Spalding, Kristofer Kwait on Oct 4, 2019

Topic: Asset Allocation | Investment Strategy | Risk Management

Institutional investors overseeing long-term pools of capital typically define their strategic asset allocation with specific targets and bands or ranges...

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