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Enhancing Investment Stewardship with Fund Governance Analytics

Posted by Commonfund Institute on Jun 25, 2020

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy

Strong board performance is critical for every organization dedicated to achieving its mission, which is why Commonfund Institute makes it our mission to advance best investment stewardship practices. We were delighted to present Christopher Merker, co-Founder and Executive Director of Fund Governance Analytics and co-Author of The Trustee Governance Guide: The Five Imperatives of 21st Century Investing. Chris' research demonstrates that the best run organizations outperform their peers nearly 2 to 1.

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Commonfund Xchange: Stewarding Foundations Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by Commonfund on May 14, 2020

Topic: COVID-19 | Governance and Policy | Industry Knowledge

During this webcast, recognized experts from leading organizations shared their experience and insights . . .

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Stewarding Endowments Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by Timothy T. Yates, Jr., Steve Snyder on May 4, 2020

Topic: COVID-19 | Investment Strategy

Partnering with NBOA, Tim Yates and Steve Snyder of Commonfund review the current environment and concerns specific to independent schools. With over 32,000 private schools closing their doors as a result of COVID-19, we look at implications to asset allocation, spending and liquidity needs in the near future. As well as how schools can best prepare for the uncertainty going forward.

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Video: The Sustainability Conundrum

Posted by Mark J.P. Anson on Apr 22, 2020

Topic: Responsible Investing

Sustainable investing, sometimes called ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing, has been a hotly contested topic for years . . .

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An Insider’s Guide to the Chinese Economy

Posted by Commonfund on Apr 22, 2020

Topic: COVID-19 | Industry Knowledge | Market Commentary

Commonfund CEO and CIO, Mark Anson, hosted Leland Miller, CEO of China Beige Book. Mr. Miller shared his proprietary research and insights . . .

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Video: CARES Act | Implications and Opportunities for Nonprofits

Posted by Commonfund on Apr 9, 2020

Topic: COVID-19 | Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Market Commentary

Watch the webcast replay to learn more about what the CARES Act means for nonprofits and considerations for your institutions . . .

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Video: Higher Ed in the Age of COVID-19

Posted by Commonfund on Apr 6, 2020

Topic: COVID-19 | Governance and Policy | Investment Strategy

Commonfund convenes an expert panel to take on the short- and intermediate-term threats that higher education confronts in the face of a national . . .

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Michael Warren Interviews Phil Bronner of Ardent Venture Partners

Posted by Commonfund on Feb 11, 2020

Topic: Diversity | Private Capital

Commonfund Board Member, Michael Warren, interviews Phil Bronner of Ardent Venture Partners.

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Video: A Global Perspective for Long-Term Equity Investors

Posted by Commonfund on Jan 31, 2020

Topic: Investment Strategy

Over the past decade U.S. equities have consistently outperformed international markets, leading many investors to question the role of non-U.S. equities in their portfolio. While the current cycle of U.S. outperformance has certainly been prolonged, it is by no means unprecedented relative to history.

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Video: Year-End Update and 2020 Investment Outlook

Posted by Commonfund on Jan 2, 2020

Topic: Diversity | Industry Knowledge | Market Commentary

After years of low interest rates, low volatility and rising stock markets, we saw little change in each of these areas in 2019 -- despite the late stage of the economic cycle and an abrupt turn in interest rate policy by the Federal Reserve. Our Outlook, titled "The Song Remains the Same", provides our views on the markets and how to position investment portfolios going forward.

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