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Commonfund Manager Spotlight | Brightwood Capital Advisors

Posted by Commonfund on Mar 6, 2019

Topic: Investment Strategy

Commonfund's Caroline Greer interviews Sengal Selassie, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Brightwood Capital Advisors in this Commonfund Manager Spotlight.

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Investment Strategies for Long-Term Investors | An Interview with Kris Kwait

Posted by Commonfund on Nov 28, 2018

Topic: Investment Strategy

Kris Kwait, Deputy CIO and Head of Investments, discusses investment strategies for long-term investors in the current market environment.

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MASTERCLASS: Responsible Investing

Posted by AssetTV on Nov 5, 2018

Topic: Responsible Investing

With investor’s growing interest in the recent years, impact investing has showed healthier returns and better risk management, all while addressing important social and environmental issues. Deborah Spalding, Ben Yeoh, and Randell Cain join together in San Francisco to discuss a few concerns such as promoting a low carbon economy, human rights and gender pay parity and best practices related to investing in companies.

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Commonfund Partner Spotlight – Widener University

Posted by Commonfund on Oct 30, 2018

Topic: Partners

Commonfund Managing Director and Head of Strategic Solutions, Tim Yates, interviews Dr. Julie Wolman, President of Widener University. In this wide-ranging discussion Dr. Wollman describes how Widener is competing and succeeding in the ultra-competitive world of higher education by focusing on strategy and innovation to differentiate the school.

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Cari Lodge on Bloomberg TV

Posted by Commonfund on Sep 13, 2018

Topic: Private Capital

Cari Lodge, head of secondaries at Commonfund Capital, discusses the development of the secondaries market for private equity and opportunities that it offers investors

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After the G-Zero: Overcoming Fragmentation (login required)

Posted by Commonfund on May 7, 2018

Topic: Asset Allocation | Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Market Commentary

In this Commonfund Forum 2018 general session, featured speaker Ian Bremmer shares his insights and views to help us understand the broader global issues we need to consider as we formulate policy portfolios for the years ahead.

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Evolving Asset Allocation and Policy Portfolios

Posted by Commonfund on Mar 27, 2018

Topic: Asset Allocation | Investment Strategy

In this Forum 2018 general session, Commonfund experts share research findings and techniques we employ to help investors understand not just the characteristics of their portfolio in isolation but also the broader considerations and pressures that should shape risk, drawdown and recovery expectations over the long haul.

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Building Resiliency

Posted by Commonfund on Mar 23, 2018

Topic: Asset Allocation | Investment Strategy

In this keynote presentation from Commonfund Forum 2018, CEO Catherine Keating shares insights into the investment philosophy and practices that may enable institutions to build resiliency into their portfolios.

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Manager Spotlight: Ariel Investments

Posted by Commonfund on Mar 22, 2018

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Investment Strategy | Partners | People

Commonfund Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Keating, interviews Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments. This wide-ranging discussion covers topics such as Ariel’s investment philosophy and process, their current market outlook, as well as Mellody’s thoughts on diversity and her career experiences.

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Keating on Bloomberg TV

Posted by Commonfund on Feb 21, 2018

Topic: Industry Knowledge

Catherine Keating, Commonfund CEO, discusses the U.S. markets. She speaks with Julia Chatterley and Lisa Abramowicz on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

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