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Video: Year-End Update and 2020 Investment Outlook

Posted by Commonfund on Jan 2, 2020

Topic: Uncategorized

After years of low interest rates, low volatility and rising stock markets, we saw little change in each of these areas in 2019 -- despite the late stage of the economic cycle and an abrupt turn in interest rate policy by the Federal Reserve. Our Outlook, titled "The Song Remains the Same", provides our views on the markets and how to position investment portfolios going forward.

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Your Video Guide to Investment Outsourcing

Posted by Commonfund on Oct 25, 2019

Topic: Outsourced Investing

Watch this short video on investment outsourcing by Keith Luke as he discusses the growth of the outsourced-CIO industry and steps for institutions to take when implementing an outsourced CIO.

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Carbon and Investment Implications for Fiduciaries: Hosted by Intentional Endowments Network

Posted by Commonfund on Sep 28, 2016

Topic: Industry Knowledge | Responsible Investing

Commonfund experts Jess Gaspar and Ethan Levine join host, Jacquelyn Smith from Intentional Endowments Network to discuss insights from their extensive research they have down over the past two years on low carbon investing challenges across both public and private markets. The Intentional Endowments Network webinar originally aired on Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

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Catherine Keating on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Posted by Commonfund on Jul 27, 2015

Topic: Industry Knowledge | People

Catherine Keating on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland talks Commonfund history and where we are now.

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