The Investment Stewardship Academy

Learn essential principles, practice skills, and prepare to succeed.

The Investment Stewardship Academy 2019

June 24 – 28, 2019 at the Yale School of Management

Whether you are a trustee, investment committee member, or senior staff, you play a crucial role in stewarding long-term capital for your institution. How can you develop and hone the knowledge and skills to succeed, especially in an increasingly complex investment environment?

The Investment Stewardship Academy offers an immersion in the essential principles and practices of managing long-term and perpetual capital. Taught at the Yale School of Management, this 4-day workshop provides participants with important insights into the investment challenges their organizations face and the information and skills to handle them. It offers a foundation in policy, portfolios, and processes, and practical experience via a simulated committee meeting. You will learn from top practitioners, academics and experts, and network with peers in a series of classroom lectures, discussions, and case studies.

The Investment Stewardship Academy will cover the essential principles of stewarding long-term capital. Topics will include investment and spending policies, asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk. Because process development and stakeholder engagement play such important roles in effective stewardship, the program will include training in such topics as group dynamics, communication, and decision-making. Attendees will gain practical experience by participating in a simulated investment committee meeting and board presentation and will improve their capacity to oversee and monitor external investment managers, advisors and OCIOs.

We are delighted to have “on board” keynote speaker Jeff Skiles, Co-Pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, “The Miracle on the Hudson”. Who will ever forget the heroic actions Captain Sullenberger and his co-pilot, First Officer Jeff Skiles, took on January 15, 2009 to land their plane safely and save their passengers lives? Can you name a more shining example of stewardship? Skiles will describe the lessons he learned from co-piloting the plane that day and throughout his career. He will then join us in conversation to show how those lessons apply to stewards of long-term capital today.

Stewarding capital for a nonprofit, pension or family office is an honor, a responsibility and a challenge. To develop and enhance your skills for this important role, plan to attend the Investment Stewardship Academy.

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