The Investment Stewardship Academy

Whether you’re a trustee, investment committee member, or senior staff, you play a crucial role in stewarding long-term capital for your institution. But do you know how to develop and hone the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in an increasingly complex investment environment? If you don’t have the answers yet, don’t worry—we’re here as a resource to guide you along the way, through the Investment Stewardship Academy educational offerings— a series of live and on-demand sessions designed for institutional investors.


Event Details

The next Investment Stewardship Academy program will be held at Yale University from June 20-23, 2023.  More details coming soon.

Supplemental programming is now available on Commonfund Institute Online, a new learning management system. Click here to learn how you can access courses today!

Who Should attend the academy?

Program content is geared towards trustees, investment committee members, and senior staff of qualified institutional investors, such as:

  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Operating charities
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Other select institutions

The curriculum for the Investment Stewardship Academy 2023 will be available in Spring 2023.  

If you would like to explore our virtual programming in the meantime, Commonfund Institute Online offers education based on the six principles of investment stewardship (the 6 Ps) — purpose, policy, process, portfolio, people and perspective. Although institutions may define their missions in very different ways, all see a healthy endowment as essential to their long-term viability. The 6 Ps can therefore be applied across the nonprofit sector: to public or private colleges and universities; independent schools; private, family and community foundations; nonprofit healthcare organizations; and other select long-term investors.

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Are you a fiduciary who oversees a long-term investment fund? Explore how the six Ps of investment stewardship are essential to your role as a fiduciary. 

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