What is Commonfund Institute?

Dedicated to the advancement of investment knowledge and the promotion of best practices in financial management, Commonfund Institute is the center of our education and research activities designed for long-term investors. From conferences and seminars to roundtable discussions and professional development programs, we deliver information on topics like endowments and governance through proprietary and third-party research.

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Commonfund’s Educational Events

Investment Stewardship Academy

Commonfund Forum

Investor Roundtables

The Investment Stewardship Academy is a 4-day workshop that provides participants with important insights into the investment challenges their organizations face and the information and skills to handle them. Typically an intimate classroom setting taught at the Yale School of Management, various sessions from the Academy are also offered virtually when applicable. The sessions provide an immersion in the essential principles and practices of managing long-term and perpetual capital. It offers a foundation in policy, portfolios, and processes, and practical experience via a simulated committee meeting. You will learn from top practitioners, academics and experts, and network with peers in a series of classroom lectures, discussions, and case studies.

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Commonfund Forum is a 2.5-day conference for institutional investors, held annually at beautiful conference facilities in some of Florida’s leading hotels. The conference delivers timely information, thoughtful analysis, and unique perspectives. Each year, we build an agenda focused on important themes that drive strategic policy decisions for institutional investors. Forum offers an opportunity to hear from seasoned practitioners and headline-making thought leaders, as well as a chance for face-to-face networking with peers from institutions like yours. The Forum includes a series of panels discussions, breakout sessions, featured speakers, and more. When applicable select sessions from Forum are also offered virtually.

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Virtual and in-person luncheon meetings held in cities throughout the U.S. with a focus on the economy and markets, investment strategies and governance.  


Commonfund Benchmarks Studies

Looking for financial information or policy practices related to nonprofits? We’ve conducted comprehensive studies that detail the investment and governance trends of some of the leading nonprofit institutions in the US. Read the surveys and find out how you can participate in upcoming studies.

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Higher Education Price Index (HEPI)

There’s a lot to consider when planning for the future of your educational budget, but we’ve created a tool to make the process simpler: an inflation index designed specifically to track the main cost drivers in higher education. Find out how our free tool can help you understand your budget and the funding you need to maintain real purchasing power.

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