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6 Keys to Choosing the Right Outsourced CIO

Today, few OCIOs that serve nonprofits are total institutional partners. Six questions can help you find one who takes a holistic approach. Not long ago, the definition and scope of an “Outsourced...

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2022 HEPI Report Released

Inflation for U.S. higher education institutions rises 5.2% in fiscal 2022; reaching highest annual rate since 6.0% in 2001 WILTON, Conn., December 15, 2022 – Data from the annual Commonfund Higher...

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Video Guide to Investment Outsourcing

Watch this short video on investment outsourcing by Anita Hariton as she discusses the growth of the outsourced-CIO industry and steps for institutions to take when implementing an outsourced CIO.

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Commonfund OCIO Point of View

Episode 1 In this episode we cover our macro-economic outlook, delve into public and private equities, the impact of higher inflation and interest rates on fixed income and credit strategies, as well...
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Venture Capital Valuation "Marks": What’s in Your Wallet?

In order to underwrite new commitments in an uncertain market environment, it is critical to normalize valuation methodologies and deeply analyze underlying portfolio companies.
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Increasing Use of OCIO Relationships Requires New Governance Considerations

More and more endowments and foundations are entering outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) relationships as long-term mission-aligned investing becomes mired in the complexity of rapidly...
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Viewpoint | Analyzing Community Foundation Data by Region

For the 2022 Council on Foundations - Commonfund Study of Foundations, we provided an analysis of community foundation data by five geographic regions. Community foundations lend themselves to this...
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Yield Curve Dynamics in Focus to Close 2023

After a relatively tame summer, significant cross-asset volatility has returned with both the MOVE and VIX indices increasing by 37 and 48 percent respectively, after approaching the lows for 2023 in...
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Private Credit Today

On September 27th, Commonfund OCIO hosted an event in Minneapolis at the O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co. Following a tour and tasting at the facility, Nicole Melwood, Director, and Vincent Kravec,...
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Inflation Reduction Act: Catalyst for U.S. Domestic Solar Manufacturing

In the context of rising resource security concerns amid the energy transition, legislators and regulators across the developed West are making a concerted effort to re-orient resource supply chains....
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Commonfund on the Road: Insights from our California Roundtables

For over 50 years, Commonfund has been working with boards and committee members helping endowments and foundations to sustain their missions over many generations and promoting best practices in...
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Is Venture Capital Going Back to the Future? Reemergence of the Power Law of Returns

The importance of manager selection is back.
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2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report

It used to be, in the not-too-distant past, that a CEO could just focus on the four corners of her or his business plan without consideration for the broader societal impacts of that plan. Not so...
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Commonfund on the Road: Insights from our Portland Roundtable

For over 50 years, Commonfund has been working with boards and committee members on designing and implementing an investment structure that supports maintaining intergenerational equity or the...
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Investing in the Sustainable Evolution of the Industrial Ecosystem

CF Private Equity’s Real Assets and Sustainability team recently hosted a fireside chat webinar with the Noveon Magnetics CEO, Scott Dunn. Preceding this conversation was a brief overview of CF...