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Your Institutional Investing Partner in Asset Management

Commonfund is an asset management firm founded in 1971. As one of the pioneers of investing long-term portfolios for nonprofits and other institutions, we’ve been helping investors achieve their goals for more than five decades. Our two-part mission is to enhance the financial resources of our clients and to help them improve their investment management practices. As a nonprofit organization ourselves, we’re able to align our interests with our clients and provide institutional quality investment programs and services that are uniquely designed to fit their needs.



  • Access to in-demand managers and strategies
  • Knowledge and data 
  • World-class investment professionals


  • 50+ year track record
  • Long-term horizon 
  • Agility to target and customize investments


  • Purpose-driven culture
  • Focused on the client’s mission 
  • Commitment to trust, transparency and ethical behavior 
More About Commonfund

How we execute our mission is the key difference that sets us apart

With three mutually supportive components grounded in a strong financial foundation, we deliver higher value through the access, performance and values that underpin our two complementary investment platforms for investors:

Commonfund OCIO

We have been a leader in outsourced CIO (OCIO) services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations since our founding.

Learn more about OCIO

CF Private Equity

Partnering with some of the world’s leading private investment firms, we create focused, targeted investment solutions for sophisticated investors.

Learn more about CF Private Equity
More about Investment Services

Who We Serve

Educational Endowments

  • Private colleges and universities
  • Public colleges and universities and their supporting foundations
  • Community colleges
  • Independent schools

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Defined Benefit Plans

  • Public plans
  • Corporate Plans
  • Healthcare Organizations

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Family Offices and Trusts

  • Single-family offices
  • Multi-family offices
  • Trusts

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Foundations and Philanthropic Organizations

  • Private and family foundations
  • Community foundations
  • Public foundations and charities
  • Cultural organizations (e.g., museums, symphonies, ballets)
  • Religious organizations
  • Social services organizations

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Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

  • Operating fund pools
  • Insurance and funded depreciation reserves
  • Endowment and foundation assets
  • Defined benefit pension plans

Registered Investment Advisors

  • Firms serving UHNW/HNW and institutional investors

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Wealth Management Platforms

  • Banks and brokerage firms UHNW/HNW and institutional investors

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Investment Strategy

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Commonfund Institute

We aim to be a source of investment knowledge and promote best practices for financial management, and Commonfund Institute is at the heart of these efforts. Discover the conferences, studies, and other educational opportunities we offer to deliver information that benefits long-term investors.


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