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Commonfund Institute

Commonfund Institute is dedicated to the advancement of investment knowledge and the promotion of best practices in financial management.

About the Institute

Commonfund Institute houses the education and research activities of Commonfund and provides the entire community of long-term investors with investment information and professional development programs. Commonfund Institute is dedicated to the advancement of investment knowledge and the promotion of best practices in financial management.  It provides a wide variety of resources, including conferences, seminars and roundtables on topics such as endowments and governance; proprietary and third-party research such as the Commonfund Benchmark Studies®; publications including the Commonfund Higher Education Price Index® (HEPI); and events such as the annual Commonfund Forum and Investment Stewardship Academy.

Insight and Advancement

Investment Stewardship Academy

Whether you are a trustee, investment committee member, or senior staff, you play a crucial role in stewarding long-term capital for your institution. How can you develop and hone the knowledge and skills to succeed, especially in an increasingly complex investment environment? 

The Investment Stewardship Academy offers an immersion in the essential principles and practices of managing long-term and perpetual capital. Taught at the Yale School of Management, this 4-day workshop provides participants with important insights into the investment challenges their organizations face and the information and skills to handle them. It offers a foundation in policy, portfolios, and processes, and practical experience via a simulated committee meeting. You will learn from top practitioners, academics and experts, and network with peers in a series of classroom lectures, discussions, and case studies.

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Commonfund Forum

The Forum is recognized year-in and year-out as a premier investment conference designed exclusively for sophisticated institutional investors representing endowments and foundations, pension funds, healthcare systems, charities and other select investors. Attendance at Forum is by invitation only and limited to 550 senior investment staff and governing boards of eligible institutional investors.

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Commonfund Benchmarks Studies

Commonfund conducts annual research studies including the Commonfund Benchmarks Study® of Independent Schools (CSIS), the Council on Foundations-Commonfund Study of Investment of Endowments for Private & Community Foundations (CCSF) and the Commonfund Benchmarks Study® of Healthcare Organizations (CSHO).  These surveys detail the financial, governance and policy practices and trends at U.S. nonprofit institutions.

Together these reports represent the most comprehensive and authoritative research into the investment practices of some of America's leading nonprofit institutions. The results of the CSIS, CCSF and the CSHO are made available to the nonprofit community as part of the Institute’s educational mission.

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Higher Education Price Index (HEPI)

The Commonfund Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) is an inflation index designed specifically to track the main cost drivers in higher education. It is an essential planning tool for educational managers, helping schools to understand the future budget and funding increases required to maintain real purchasing power. HEPI is issued annually by Commonfund Institute and is distributed free of charge to educational institutions.

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