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We seek to provide best-in-class asset management to institutional investors through a wide range of investment programs and services.

Investment Philosophy

The Commonfund model of investing adheres to three basic principles: an equity bias; diversification; and prudent use of illiquid investments. This approach has its basis in the endowment model of investing, which Commonfund helped to pioneer almost 50 years ago. Over the decades we have worked to refine and enhance the model, which now includes core elements that are unique to Commonfund.

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Outsourced CIO

Commonfund is among the leading providers of outsourced investment solutions for nonprofit organizations, offering a range of different approaches based on client needs and resources.

Because of our singular focus, we can provide advice and insights to investors that can help them with every facet of managing the finances of their institution.

We were a pioneer of the endowment model and created the first outsourced solutions for nonprofits. We continue to develop innovative, customized solutions to keep pace with - and anticipate - changes in the investing marketplace.

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Private Equity

Our private capital strategies invest with global partners into primarily small and mid-sized companies in growth markets and industries with a focus on technology, energy, services, and industries in transition.

We offer investors flexible private capital portfolios to match their portfolio needs by partnering with many of the world's leading private capital firms and investing in primary funds as well as secondaries and co-investments.

Our most recent programs have included partnerships in:

  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Real assets and sustainability
  • Co-investments
  • Secondaries
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Operating Assets

No two educational institutions have exactly the same liquidity needs. No two healthcare institutions have exactly the same demands for yield. So when it comes to managing operating funds, why should one size fit all? We don’t think it should.

Managing operating reserves, working capital balances and liquidity are critical to your institution. Commonfund cash management programs offer treasury management professionals:

  • Access
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification
  • Flexibility
  • Stability of principal
  • Simplicity


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Capabilities & Resources

Fundamental to Commonfund’s mission to enhance our clients’ financial resources is a client-centric approach to investment management.  Our business model is to reinvest in Commonfund for the benefit of our clients to help them, in turn, advance the missions of their institutions.  

We invest in our people to ensure that we continue to attract and retain the highest quality investment and relationship staff; and 

We invest in technology to provide for state-of-the-art reporting, portfolio analysis and risk management; and

We invest in original research and actively promulgate best practices among institutional investors.

Because of this commitment, Commonfund clients have access to a range of resources that we believe are superior to those of other asset management firms, providing:

  • Dedicated relationship management team of seasoned professionals
  • Quantitative portfolio analytics and modeling
  • Independent risk management
  • Proprietary research and publications plus an active program of investor conferences and seminars for sharing of best practices
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