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Michael Torres Talks about Adelante Capital Management

Commonfund Managing Director, Paul Von Steenburg, interviews Michael Torres, Chief Executive Officer of Adelante Capital Management in this Commonfund Manager Spotlight.
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Real Estate Today … and the Trends Likely To Shape Tomorrow

As it burst onto the world scene in 2020, COVID-19 impacted asset classes and investment strategies across the board. While real estate was no exception, the industry managed a generally strong...
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Real Estate – Can’t Touch This!

Few markets have been as heavily impacted by the onset of the global pandemic as real estate.  Real estate is considered a hard asset that “you can touch and feel”, but during a pandemic no one wants...
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Real Estate Credit Environment: Risk Off - Risk On

Earlier last year real estate markets received a scare as CMBS spreads widened, particularly in lower rated and more junior tranches.  Additionally, one of the most respected U.S. real estate...
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Making the Case for Investing in Natural Resources

The natural resources sector is often characterized as cyclical, as producers and service providers experience underlying exposure to and commensurate volatility of commodities in the oil and gas,...
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Real Estate – Rates, Rates, Rates

“There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location”. While the age-old adage still holds in many respects, real estate risks, as with the risks associated with all asset...
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‘What, me? Illiquid?’

Although it has been five years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers—an event that transformed a bad recession into a global financial crisis—the scars of that traumatic episode remain etched in the...