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Insight and Advancement

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Commonfund Forum
One of the preeminent annual conferences for institutional investors.

Investment Stewardship Academy
A week-long series of classroom discussions focusing on investment and spending policies, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and risk.

Commonfund Webcasts
An ongoing series of webcasts addressing timely topics and, often, rapidly changing developments of interest to institutional investors.

Investor Roundtable Luncheons
Meetings held in cities throughout the U.S. with a focus on the economy and markets, investment strategies, and governance, and women’s networking.

Council on Foundations-Commonfund Study of Investments for Private and Community Foundations™ (CCSF)
An annual nationwide survey of more than 150 private foundations sponsored in conjunction with the Council on Foundations.

Commonfund Benchmarks Study – Healthcare Organizations Report®
Provides an analysis of the investment and governance policies and practices of nonprofit healthcare organizations across the U.S.

Commonfund Study of Independent Schools (CSIS)
Provides an analysis of the investment and governance policies and practices of U.S. independent day and boarding schools.

Commonfund Higher Education Price Index® (HEPI)
An annual survey of cost changes for the higher education community that is more relevant and accurate for education than the CPI.

Commonfund Insights Blog
Stay up-to-date with the latest information on asset allocation, governance and policy, market commentary, risk management and more. You may choose to stay informed at your own pace by selecting an instant, weekly or monthly subscription.

Topical White Papers
Each year Commonfund issues numerous white papers on an array of topics, all intended to help readers bring added value to their organization.

Topical and timely articles addressing key issues and chronicling Commonfund event and featured speakers.

A series of videos that includes media spots with senior members of the Commonfund team, manager spotlights, and featured presentations from Commonfund events.

Commonfund Financial Metrics Database

We have an active database of 80+ financial metrics across 2,000+ financial statements from over 350 nonprofit institutions. This dataset is used to create trend analyses and peer comparisons, providing insight into our clients’ operational eco-systems.  A deep understanding of an institution’s operational eco-system is imperative to enable an investment committee to make informed decisions about strategic asset allocation. When approaching strategic asset allocation, we evaluate where an institution falls on three criteria: return objective, risk profile and illiquidity budget. We use financial metrics such as the growth in various revenue sources and operating budget to help arrive at the correct long-term return objective. Metrics such as operational dependence on the endowment as well as the level of long-term debt on the balance sheet can help provide context in determining the endowment’s risk profile. Additionally, metrics such as outstanding multi-year grants payable, use of debt/credit, contributions, spending and ratio of restricted vs. unrestricted endowment can help inform a committee on the appropriate level of illiquidity. Including these metrics in the decision-making process allows fiduciaries to view the endowment within a broader operational context and arrive at a strategic asset allocation that has the potential to better meet their needs.