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What’s the Difference? Time-Weighted Return vs. Internal Rate of Return

Investors often ask about the difference between time-weighted return (“TWR”) and internal rate of return (“IRR”). In general, TWR is used by the investment industry to measure the performance of...

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2021 HEPI Report Released

Inflation for U.S. higher education institutions rises 2.7% in fiscal 2021; rate is up from last year’s 1.9% but level with 5-year average WILTON, CT, December 15, 2021 – Data from the annual...

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Highlights from the 2020 Council on Foundations-Commonfund Study of Foundations

In a recent webinar, Commonfund Institute and the Council on Foundations reviewed the highlights from the 2020 Council on Foundations-Commonfund Study of Foundations.

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The “Divorcification” of Stocks and Bonds

It has been a difficult start for traditional portfolios of stocks and bonds in 2022 as the usual diversification benefits of these asset classes have failed to materialize. As high inflation remains...
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In Remembrance: Laurance (Laurie) R. Hoagland, Jr.

The Commonfund community was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Laurie Hoagland. Laurie served as a member of the Commonfund Board from 2000-2012 and was Board Chair from 2010-2012.
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Accessing Sustainable Opportunities Through Private Equity Strategies

Institutional investors around the world have appropriately turned their attention to the sustainability of their investment portfolios. Investors have pivoted from discussion to action as generally...
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Real Estate Today … and the Trends Likely To Shape Tomorrow

As it burst onto the world scene in 2020, COVID-19 impacted asset classes and investment strategies across the board. While real estate was no exception, the industry managed a generally strong...
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Diversifying Your Fixed Income Portfolio With a Private Credit Allocation

Inflation, rising interest rates, inversion in the yield curve and the war in Ukraine combined to make 1Q22 a challenge for many asset classes and strategies. While there was the isolated shelter...
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The Great Reset: The Emerging Age of Re-imagination, Reconnection and Renewal – and Generation RE

A great reset is now upon us. Less obvious is the reality that the world was quietly being reset prior to the pandemic. The rules of business were being rewritten by an extraordinary cadre of...
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Commonfund Capital Closes its Inaugural Environmental Sustainability Fund at $233 million

Commonfund Capital Closes its Inaugural Environmental Sustainability Fund at $233 million Private Equity Fund Focuses on Renewables, Food, Agriculture and Water and Resource Efficiency  Wilton, CT,...
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Are Stagflation Fears Justified?

Stagflation fears are growing among investors as inflation recently accelerated at the same time 2022 GDP growth projections declined due to weaker consumer sentiment and increased risk aversion. A...
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Is your Spending Policy Getting the Attention it Needs?

Spending policy is the most overlooked aspect of endowment management and many are likely not employing the optimal calculation for their institution. Many investment committees review "strategic...
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CIO Roundtable

Fiduciaries are entrusted with fulfilling their organization’s mission largely through effective stewardship of financial assets. In the 50+ years since Commonfund was founded, perpetual investing...
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10 Key Takeaways from Commonfund Forum 2022

Commonfund recently hosted its 24th annual Commonfund Forum in Orlando, Florida. The event brought together 200+ institutional investors from the U.S., the Virgin Islands, and Canada in a 2.5 day...
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Hitting the Hot Buttons: Investing for the Next 2 to 4 Years

Commonfund Forum 2022 featured an expert panel representing diverse perspectives to probe beyond the headline-grabbing news that has been driving financial markets in recent months. The accompanying...